GBPEUR rates at 1 month high and close to a THREE month high

Euro Suffers Losses to a Strong US Dollar and a Resilient Pound Sterling

GBPEUR rates sit close to a THREE MONTH HIGH as we come to the close of the week and the month.  I personally believe that these levels are towards the highest we will see for the next week but next month there could be a slight uplift. It all rests on the Europeans and whether they introduce a new policy to tackle their struggling inflation data, this is a topic that has been covered for months now. I personally believe the market will give a fresh high before the release in 2 weeks’ time but when nothing changes in Europe, again, rates will drop down.  So in summary, in May I expect rates to reach a fresh high slightly higher than where we stand now but that we will also see GBPEUR levels a lot lower than where they are now when nothing new is released.  Either a small uplift or a big fall for May.

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