Save money when buying Euros (Tom Holian)

When buying Euros for currency transfers to Europe it is important to use a currency broker who will save you money compared to using your bank. There are many to choose from and ultimately it is up to you who who use but it’s important that the information they provide is transparent in terms of fees and offering you a competitive exchange rate.

With Sterling Euro exchange rates hitting their highest level since January 2013 in the last few days the levels to buy Euros are very high at the moment. This means if you’re thinking about buying a property in France or a property in Spain then it may be worth looking at buying your currency over the next few days.

The ECB will be meeting on Thursday to discuss interest rates and my feeling is that there will be a small cut in order to combat inflation falling further. Even this morning Eurozone inflation was measured at just 0.5% compared from a drop of 0.7%.

My prediction is that we’ll see a small increase for GBPEUR exchange rates over the course of this week so if you’d like to take advantage of the current exchange rates compared to using your bank when buying currency then contact me directly Tom Holian [email protected]