Market volatility set to continue (Mike Vaughan)

With the Scottish referendum dominating the currency market the volatility is set to continue as we head towards the vote on the 18th September. For me I still believe the vote is likely to be a ‘no’ however with the vote set to be incredibly close is it worth removing the uncertainty? For anyone buying Euros I would certainly suggest yes. With the year trade averages sitting around the 1.20 mark, 1.25 should still be viewed as a good buy opportunity. Should the vote be a ‘yes’ I would expect the pound to tumble, for this reason it is certainly advisable to assess your current position.

Through using a specialist broker such as ourselves we can give you access to multiple currency accounts. A very popular contract currently is a the use of a forward contract. This contract allows clients to remove market uncertainty and fix a position even if your funds are not fully available. Should you wish to get more information on this contract then please contact the office on 01494 787478 or email Mike [email protected]