GBPEUR levels expected to fall further

GBP EUR Looks to Employment Figures for Support

GBPEUR levels are ending the week a further 2 cents lower than where they started and near to 4 cents lower than the start of the month. This makes a HUGE difference on the cost of buying anything from stock to property in Europe and anyone in that situation should be very wary of future falls.  I personally think that we could see levels fall further this month as data from the UK continues to pain a poor picture. Plus with concerns in Europe international investment in the UK is falling having an impact on its demand and value. Plus on top of that be wary of the Ebola outbreak and the EU court case, both are starting to have an impact on currency swings.


Saying the above however timing a trade will remain important in getting the best price. Here we have a number of tools including RATE ALERTS and SPIKE NOTIFICATIONS which are aimed at assisting people looking at maximising their transfers. Here we have won a number of awards for both our personal, proactive service and the rates of exchange we have access to so I am sure we will be able to help. Simply put if that was not the case we simply would not be in business. So if you are a regular or a new reader who has not got in contact yet, do so! You can contact myself, Steve Eakins, via my email address at [email protected] Simply get in contact and I can quickly discuss your options, the days to be wary of and the live prices.

Look forward to hearing from you.