USD at year highs against the pound following strong employment numbers

Sterling has fallen to its lowest level against the greenback following strong non-farm payroll figures this afternoon. This has now taken the dollars rally to over 12 cents since the high of 1.72 in July. For me this run could continue should the FED end its tapering of QE this month (as expected) and the focus will then shift towards when the FED may raise interest rates. Should the market begin to price in an interest rate hike then I can see GBP/USD testing 1.55 and below.

Looking at the single currency and since the 1st January the overriding trend has been in the pounds favour. On January the 1st levels sat at 1.2045 peaking at 1.28 last week (a 5.9% shift and fresh two year high). Average trade levels sit at approximately 1.2450 so with current levels sitting at 1.2750 Euro buyers are ahead of the game. If I was buying Euros I would view the current levels as an opportunity.

Finally looking at the Australian dollar and recently the GBP/AUD pairing has seen one of the biggest swings with the pound having rallied 12 cents since the 8th September. Current levels are now very much more in line with January’s price of 1.86. It peaked at 1.90 late January before slumping to the year low of 1.72 earlier this month (10.5% high/low range). Yearly averages sit roughly at 1.81 so again current prices are still looking good for AUD buyers.

As you can see the pound is currently seeing some good value against a number of currencies sitting at a near 6 month high against the AUD and over a two year high against the Euro. To take advantage or get more information on the currency service we provide then please call the office on 01494 787478 or email Mike [email protected]