Pound Exchange Rates – When to BUY or SELL Currency – Forecast (Andrew Bromley)

Staying within what seems to be its natural trading range, GBP EUR opened up comfortably within the 1.26 range. The Euro weakened after lunch yesterday following a brief stint within the 1.25 range. Essentially the Eurozone Central Bank had made nearly €1 Trillion available for banks to lend cheaply to their customers, but was not taken advantage of. This lead to the ECB announcing that full blown Quantitative Easing (QE) was a definite for 2015, leading to the Euro losing roughly the cent it had gained.

Looking forwards there is a lot of EUR GBP data out next week, primarily at the beginning of the week…

UK Inflation (CPI) 09:30 Tuesday, German economic sentiment 10:00 Tuesday, Bank of England Governor Mark Carneys speech at 10:30 (also Tuesday) and the minutes of the Bank of England’s most recent interest rate decision (Wednesday midday).

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2015 looks to have a lot of volatility from week one (UK Election speculation, Eurozone QE) – make sure you have eliminated as much risk as possible by using contract options available to you from an experienced currency broker.