Mark Carney Speech last night a lesson to currency markets (Joshua Privett)

GBP to CAD Rate: Sterling Gains Against the Canadian Dollar Ahead of Bank of Canada Statement

During his annual Mansion House speech to the City of London last night, the Bank of England governor Mark Carney stated unequivocally that this was the end of ‘the age of irresponsibility’, with the introduction of tougher criminal sanctions for market abuse.

After a host of scandals by big banks such as HSBC, RBS and Barclays where record fines in the billions were dished out for rigging the foreign exchange markets to profit hugely and illegally off of their own clients.

From this you can see there was nothing to particularly move the currency rates in his speech last night. But it is a lesson to those who automatically think of banks as the ‘safest’ institution to complete currency transfers through. It is not simply that their rates are uncompetitive, but they are actively trying to rob you of rates which are easily achievable, and which everyone deserves in a free market.

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