Rates verging on dipping below 1.40 (Joshua Privett)

GBPEUR Levels Back Near the Recent Highs as Investor Concerns on the Euro Heighten

It seems we are dipping away from the 8 year highs we have enjoyed since the start of this week once more. Tomorrow Mark Carney, the Governor of the Bank of England will be delivering a speech. In the past these have been 90 minite tranches of extreme volatility on the markets.

Carney discusses all facets of the economy, with each one receiving praise or criticism. As such markets react wildly, some investors believing some parts of the speech to be more important than others, causing unpredictability but also massive movement.

I recommend staying in regularly contact throughout the speech if you have Euros to buy. Email me overnight, in the morning we will have more insight into what might be said and how the markets will move. If I have your details I can forward this on to you and advise you on how to proceed with any currency transfer you may have. [email protected]