Rates just dipping below 1.41 again as Greek talks progress (Joshua Privett)

GBPCHF Exchange Rates Reach Highest Levels Since Mid-March

Yesterday, Greece’s Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras performed a U-Turn on his recent commitment to shy away from any IMF proposal and it now seems he is ready to accept the terms on offer.

We have been at this point before, so I would not expect a sudden miracle where a concrete deal is ironed out after months of waiting, and I still think a referendum will be conducted on the 5th July.

The rates will continue to be dictated by the saga evolving with Greece. As such it is best to explain your requirements to a currency specialist, who can then contact you when opportunities arise which suit you, rather than reading these posts twice a day and missing out from when the rates have peaked. Call into 01494 787 478 and ask for Joshua for more information. jjp@currencies.co.uk