Buying and Selling Euros. when to Move? (Daniel Johnson)

Pound to Euro Rate: GBP Falls on Virus Fears and Manufacturing Data as EUR Rallies

Thing seems to have settled after “Black Monday”. If China catches a cold so do the rest of us. With little economic data of consequence over the next week or so I would be looking to move on a spike. I expect buoyancy levels between 1.35-1.3750. 1.3750 seems to be a resistance level. Put simply if I was buying Euros I would move when Interbank sits in the 1.37s and selling Euros I would move in the 1.35s.

A Limit Order maybe the best way to play a transfer at the moment. You can set a level at which you wish to purchase and we can purchase at that level when it becomes available. I am also offering a free rate alert service, just drop a line or e-mail with your currency requirements and the levels you are hoping to obtain and I will notify you of movement.

Thank you for reading today’s Blog, I would greatly appreciate any feedback you have and would take pleasure in replying personally. I am more than than happy to assist you with any of your currency requirements. Feel free to e-mail me on [email protected] or call on 01494 787 478 and ask for Daniel Johnson.