Election and the Canadian Dollar

GBP/CAD Rates Fall after Disappointing Outcome at EU Summit for British PM

The polls got it incredibly wrong, again, and the Canadian Dollar has swung wildly overnight as a result.

We seem to be harking back almost exactly to the UK election, where polls suggested a close race, and then a majority government emerged instead with the Pound strengthening massively as a result.

The Liberals gained a staggering 54% of the vote, when on Friday they were forecasted to receive a mere 35%. The Canadian Dollar was weakening slightly yesterday with this forecast in mind, because those forecasted results would cause a minority government and 4 years of infighting and little legislative progress.

The result of a majority government has caused the Canadian Dollar to strengthen slightly, and North-American markets have not even opened yet to continue this trend and react to the overnight news. GBP/CAD is still trading near multi-year highs and EUR/CAD, USD/CAD are in better buying positions than we have seen in recent months.

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Long-term forecasts have not really altered on the Canadian Dollar as the new government’s policies have not yet been announced, and markets have already proven in the run-up to the election that they are more concerned with current oil price levels to determine Canada’s economic fate rather than legislative agendas.