Expect Volatility after the BOE Interest Rate Decision (Daniel Johnson)

We could see big movement for Sterling against all major currency pairings today. Although the chance of a change from the 0.5% we currently sit at is very slim, the Monetary Policy Committee vote is what could really cause the swing. The MPC’s nine members vote for or against a rate hike. We have consistently seen Ian McCafferty vote for a rate hike although with news of global slow down spurred on by China’s poor growth figures, he may be about to change his mind. Another member of the MPC Andy Haldane has indicated there may even need to be a rate drop before a hike. If there is any significant changes in the voting expect movement across the board. If we see the vote remain at 8-1, Sterling should rally. Personally I think this is a strong possibility with McCafferty remaining stubborn, Haldane would really be causing a shock by calling for a drop in rates.

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