Pound Euro hits three year high against Euro – Will this rate of exchange remain for long? (Daniel Wright)

Sterling hit the three month high against the Euro in trading yesterday, giving those looking to purchase a property overseas a great buying opportunity to purchase Euros with Sterling.

Inflation remained at -0.1% year on year for the U.K and there were no nasty surprises to come from the inflation report.

With a lot of uncertainty surrounding the Euro both in terms of the economy and on a political basis the Euro has had a tough time of late but I personally feel that most of the bad news is now aired out in the open so this rate may not stick around for too. long. The good news for those that would rather take  a punt and wait to see if the rate gets even better is that the Pound has not been hit too hard by the announcement that the Bank of England will not be looking to raise interest rates until 2017… Usually I would have expected this to hit the Pound hard.

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