1 month high to buy Kiwis!

Pressure from the Chinese stock market worries have continued to weigh on the NZD presenting some very good opportunities for those buying the Kiwi with the pound. The rates on offer at present are in my opinion much higher than could be reasonably expected given such market turbulence and fears present in the market for the pound. I think it is more than likely GBP worries will pull GBPNZD down in the future, personally I would be fearful of hanging on for too much more if selling GBP to buy Kiwi.

At any point the Chinese economy could present some fresh developments and cause the rate to strengthen or weaken. The likelihood is that the GBPNZD rate will remain favourable on the whole and above 1 gbp to 2 NZD but it is looking difficult to expect this will just keep rising.

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