GBP/CHF rates set to test the lower 1.40’s once more?

The Swiss Franc has steadily been getting more expensive since December. This has mainly been a factor of Sterling weakness rather than any Strength in the Swiss Franc, but this may change by tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow import, export, and trade figures for the Swiss economy will be released for the month of December. Which may finally see a turnaround after previously being a major burden to economic growth in recent months.

The Swiss economy suffered in 2015 once it unpegged its currency against the Euro. Its value soared and with it, it almost completely lost the ability for many European companies and natioans to afford their wares.

However, the Euro has been making some recent gains following the avoidance of a Grexit and the boost to its economy of almost free credit. With increased buying power, Swiss Francs may now be affordable compared to a few months previously. The cash injections from the sale of Swiss goods will be enough to improve its value and could cause GBP/CHF to become a more expensive prospect.

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