Manufacturing and Industrial Production Data Cause further Losses for Sterling (Daniel Johnson)

GBPCHF Exchange Rates Reach Highest Levels Since Mid-March

After the sharp drop in sterling value after the mass stock sell off the last thing the Pound needed was a bad data release, unfortunately that is exactly what has happened. Manufacturing Production data was released this morning and came in below expectations at 0.4% it was then followed by Industrial Production figures. Industrial Production came in at 0.7% a considerable drop which caused GBP/EUR to fall below 1.33.

With the slowing growth in China, inflation at a mere 1% and an EU referendum around the corner it does not bode well for Sterling. I can appreciate it may be hard to bite the bullet if you are a Euro buyer considering GBP/EUR was at 1.42 in early December but I fear things could get worse. It could be wise to move sooner rather than later.

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