Sterling crashing is creating excellent opportunities for Swiss France sellers (Joshua Privett)

Sterling has continued to be hurt on the markets as a result of the mounting problems caused by flooding, alongside rumours of a potential ‘Brexit’, which are causing the value of the Pound to tumble in a similar way to what we were seeing during the Scottish Referendum.

Essentially uncertainty is not good for business…

The Swiss Franc by contrast is benefiting from the recovery over in the Eurozone which is seeing its own position surrounded by Eurozone nations as more secure.

Those with Swiss Francs to buy will likely see their exchange continue to become more expensive. Those with a GBP/CHF requirement should seriously considering hearing a live quote for their exchange to get a better understanding of their position.

Swiss Franc sellers can also contact me on [email protected] to discuss the best way to ride this current movement in your favour to its peak.