Sterling starts the day on the up, slight drop against the Dollar (Daniel Wright)

Pound Increases Against the US Dollar Despite Falling Inflation

The Pound has had a fairly good start to the day today and is slightly up against the Euro, Australian Dollar, New Zealand Dollar and Swiss Franc.

Concerns over China are still impacting the market on a large scale as I had predicted back in early December. I felt that the Chinese problem had been swept under the carpet for the time being to get the festive period out of the way and then would more than likely come back with a bang however I didn’t think it would be quite this early in the year.

Due to this, the markets will remain shaky and you can be sure to expect quite a lot of market volatility for all major currencies which makes this a very tough period to predict.

The Dollar appears to be the main beneficiary of the current issues and the Antipodean currencies (AUD, NZD) are starting to feel the pinch as China has such a large impact on both of their economies.

I personally feel there is still  a lot more to come from this and also I do not feel that the European problems are out of the way as of yet and they too will a their turn in the headlines at some point during the year.

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