Weekly round up and the week ahead (Dayle Littlejohn)

Weekly round up

It was a good end to the week for sterling exchange rates. Presently global stock markets are having a major impact on the currency markets and due to the FTSE100 closing 2% up on Friday this has strengthened the pound. Further to this Public Sector net borrowing (the amount of new debt held by the UK) surprised the markets due to a £3.5bn drop from the consensus.

However the main talking point for sterling exchange rates this week was Governor of the Bank of England Mark Carney comments in regards to interest rates. Once again he confirmed the UK will not be raising interest rates until 2017 which has dented the purchasing power of the pound.

As for the rest of the week it was a mixed bag for economic data. Consumer Price Index numbers impressed (Tuesday) where as average earnings (Thursday) and Retail sales (Friday) dropped, a disappointment for clients holding onto sterling.

Week ahead

Its a fairly quiet week for economic data releases. Key announcements to look out for are:

  • Mark Carney speech 10:45 Tuesday
  • GDP numbers 9:00 Thursday
  • GPK Consumer Confidence early hours Friday morning.

Its important to note if Carney continues to take a dovish tone Tuesday morning I expect it will be another tricky week for sterling exchange rates.

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