Will The SNB Intervene in markets again?

The Swiss National Bank intervened in the currency markets in to guarantee the Franc was worth no more than 1.2/ 1 Euro. This artifical level had see some major fluctuations on the EURCHF pair which resulted in some big moves on the euro and CHF against all other currencies. The SNB then pulled out the EURCHF floor following the Eurozone extensive QE programme launched in 2015 as the EUR began to depreciate massively against its counterparts leaving the CHF on the backfoot through no real fault of its own. This volatility on exchange rates is highly unpredictable and anyone holding the Franc should beware of these movements which can cause excessive volatility.

Very loosely the Franc does still track the Euro and with there expected to be plenty of volatility on the Euro in 2016 anyone buying or sell the Franc should be making plans now for their target levels. If you have a transfer to consider please feel free to contact me Jonathan on [email protected] or by calling 01494 787 478.