GBP/CHF losing most recent gains (Joshua Privett)

GBP/CHF rates seem to be faltering once more as the EU summit enters its second day of negotiations. 

Previously Sterling had been gaining against almost all major currencies yesterday following positive developments during talks undertaken by Cameron to avoid an EU referendum.

However, yesterday could be described as a prequel to today’s main event.

The discussions on Thursday were largely concentrated and aimed at the simpler agreements which could quite easily be addressed and put to the side.

The stickier talking points will be addressed today which is why rates have started to tick downwards away from their gains made yesterday.

Talks continued through the night, the first sign that everything is not progressing smoothly. If Eastern European and France continue to resist the UK’s negotiations.

We won’t get any concrete news until the end of today, but any further delays or revelations that EU deal is unlikely, with continue to make the Swiss Franc a more costly purchase for anyone considering making a purchase in the short-term.

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