GBP/EUR Settles in the 1.20’s After a Volatile Week (Ben Fletcher)

GBPCHF Exchange Rates Reach Highest Levels Since Mid-March

Sterling/Euro has moved well under the 1.30 mark and looks to be there to stay for the foreseeable future. The trade balance figures earlier this week caused a fast drop that Sterling has not been able to recover from. If you are looking to purchase Euro’s a 1.28 could potentially be your best point to trade. There are EU figures being released today which could put more pressure onto the GBP/EURO rate potentially driving it below 1.25.

ECB president Mario Draghi will be speaking on Monday and in the past when he speaks there tends to be movement against Sterling. Baring this in mind if you’re purchasing Euro’s doing so this morning will allow you to know what you have before the market starts to move over the coming days. If you hold a Euro position this afternoon or Monday may present a great window to trade your money back to Sterling.

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