NZD Holds Strong Against Pound, Despite Interest Rate Threat

GBP EUR Exchange Rate: Weekly Review July 16  

The NZD dollar is holding strong against the pound currently, much like many currencies at the moment. This is still despite the outlook from the Australian Commonwealth Bank and the general attitude of the Royal Bank of New Zealand.

One of New Zealand’s biggest exports is dairy and for the fourth auction running there was a decrease in the price which is starting to cause concern. This was coupled with a weaker than expected retail sales, which was 1.2% instead of 1.5%.

Considering the weaker figures the GBP/NZD has been in the NZD’s favour. There is expected to be an interest rate decrease in New Zealand in the coming months as the Royal Bank of New Zealand has a mandate to keep inflation between 1-3%. Inflation fell to 1.63% last month which is getting close to the bottom of the target rate therefore causing the RBNZ to potentially react.

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