Swiss Franc finally deflating as global uncertainty lifts? (Joshua Privett)

The Swiss Franc has enjoyed a month of heavy strength and gains against most major currencies due to its famous status as a safe-haven currency.

In times of uncertainty the Swiss Franc regularly bolsters in strength, proven by the largest currency movement in a single day every recorded last January, when it was announced that the Euro was no longer pegged to the Franc.

However, it seems that the recent slide on the stock markets which is causing such global panic and funnelling funds into the Franc is beginning the reverse.

For the first time in weeks markets are up, and even oil prices are beginning to see a turnaround.

It was already proven in August that these market falls were cyclical and not prolonged, as markets recovered quite soon after the infamous events of ‘Black Monday’, as such we will likely see the current artificial value for the Swiss Franc begin to deflate and CHF sellers will see their recent gains begin to evapourate.

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