GBP/CHF rates relatively stable ahead of ECB meeting (Joshua Privett)

The value of the Pound against most of its counterparts on the currency markets has been swinging wildly in recent days, yet GBP/CHF has been relatively steady.

Even this morning the net change has only been 0.02%, a paltry amount compared to a GBP/EUR increase of 0.8% just yesterday.

This is all tied to the anticipation that the European Central Bank may be announcing further financial stimulus next week.

The Swiss Franc, as a well-known safe haven currency, is set to benefit hugely should this announcement come in as expected.

So markets are currently acting with anticipation towards the upcoming 10th of March ECB meeting. Should the announcement of further Quantitative Easing come through, GBP/CHF rates could quite easily run down through the 1.40 barrier once more.

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