Will Sterling continue to rally over the Euro? (Daniel Johnson)

President Obama made his stance clear on a “Brexit” over the last few days. Those campaigners in favour of the leave camp have argued that if we were to leave new trade deals would be easy to negotiate. Obama halted this argument in its tracks stating that Britain would be at “the back of the queue” if it sought to agree an new trade deal with the US. GBP/EUR was very close to hitting 1.29 during yesterday’s trading session.

Current polls now show the remain camp in the lead at 47%, the leave camp at 44% and the remainder undecided. Keep in mind however, leave campaigners have just been granted £7m so we could see a swing back in Euro favour. UK GDP figures are due out tomorrow and I expect to see a decline which will weaken the Pound. So short term Euro buyers may wish to move before this event.

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