GBP/CHF rates inches from the 1.39 levels (Joshua Privett)

As UK markets opened for trading this morning, GBP/CHF rates got within less than 0.001% of hitting below the magic 1.40 mark.

The relationship between the Pound and the Swiss Franc has been more pronounced than most over the issue of the upcoming Referendum.

CHF value tends to benefit in times of global uncertainty, with its status as a known safe haven currency the Referendum vote itself had previously been adding quite a bit of value. This runs parallel to the loss in value for the Pound as capital flies out of the UK economy whilst polls remain close between the two camps.

With this current dynamic in the polls anyone with a Swiss Franc requirement must be geared for the prospect of more serious swings than most of Sterling’s other pairings on the currency markets, and should plan accordingly.

Unless the polls begin to reflect a lead for the Remain camp which markets can be comfortable with, then we will be seeing some serious falls on GBP/CHF as we edge closer to the vote itself, and companies and investors will have to make tough decisions on weather to take funds out of the country.

With this in mind, anyone with a Swiss Franc buying requirement, given the current direction of the market place may be wise to move sooner rather than later.

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