Mark Carney warns the UK could enter recession (Dayle Littlejohn)

Today Governor of the Bank of England Mark Carney has announced if the UK were to leave the European Union he believes the UK would enter recession. Mr Carney has made it clear in recent weeks the UK should remain part of the European Union therefore i’m not sure if his comments are just a tactic to win votes.

Nevertheless these comments just show its only a matter of time until both campaigning parties start to state their case to why the UK should stay or leave the European Union and the volatility will therefore weigh down on the Pound and GBPEUR rates will fall.

Two weeks ago David Cameron played his trump card in Barack Obama and rates spiked to 1.29 however they have been falling ever since and I expect this trend to continue. If you have euros to buy trading sooner rather than later may be wise, where as if you are selling Euros to buy Pounds holding on for an extra 4-6 weeks would be my strategy.

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