UK Unemployment gives GBPCHF a boost

The value of the CHF has been climbing recently, IE the price to buy has been falling, GBPCHF is up.  This is as a result of an update from the EUROPEAN CENTRAL BANK rather than any updates from the CHF or the GBP. Rates are up nearly 4% compared to 30 days ago and near the top levels seen since February.  If you want to take advantage of this SPIKE please get in contact straight away, contact myself via email at

This opportunity was created by European Weakness and due to the close political ties between CHF and EURO the CHF weakened.  This commentary was political uncertainty at the European Central Bank.  A key member voiced his concerns and worry about the policies that have been implemented recently, that the financial investments through the QE program has potentially been ‘unfairly’ distributed. This being between that of the Eastern and Western members.

This morning UK Unemployment figures also came out better than expected which has resulting in a further boost of exchange rates.

Tomorrow is Retail figures which we expect to show a small contraction taking the heat out of the market.

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