When to buy my Euros (Dayle Littlejohn)

Pound exchange rates up following positive Brexit news

In the last 6 weeks GBPEUR exchange rates have increased over 7 cents making a €250,000 purchase £11,000 cheaper and many of my clients are now asking is this the window of opportunity euro buyers have been waiting for?

If you are buying Euros before June 23rd I believe this spike is worth taking advantage of. I expect in the next 2-4 weeks the Pound will lose value when the out campaign make their final bid to the UK public.

At the moment polls and bookmakers are suggesting the UK will remain part of the European Union and I also agree. If this materialises I believe GBPEUR will have a sustained period in the 1.30s throughout July.

However if the UK were to leave expect the Pound to plummet!  

Thursday the UK release their latest GDP numbers. The numbers are expected to be released same as previous. However if we see an improvement I expect GBPEUR could break through 4 month high trading levels.

If you are buying or selling Euros this year, June 23rd EU referendum decision is going to have a major impact on your trade and could COST or SAVE you thousands!

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