GBP/CAD rates still tentative ahead of the vote tomorrow (Joshua Privett)

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The Pound is still enjoying relative strength ahead of the monumental vote tomorrow in the UK over whether the UK will be remaining in the EU, or deciding to leave.

Whilst the fanfare is behind the remain camp at the moment, this is largely concentrated in a sensationalist media, as the polls are still showing essentially a dead-heat. The financial times has the vote split at 44:45 in favour of Leave with the rest of the population still undecided which is phenomenal this close to the vote. The average of all polls which does not account for undecided voters has it as 51:49 for Remain.

However these polls do not account for voter turnout rates for the very much pro-EU younger generation who have a poor voting record, compared to the older more regular voters who are overwhelmingly in favour of leaving.

Exit polls will be governing rates of exchange tomorrow as indications on where the public are actually voting will be governing confidence in the Pound as the day progresses.

To completely avoid the risk involved tomorrow – which is essentially a flip of the coin at this point, it would be prudent for anyone with a CAD requirement, whether buying with Pounds or selling, to contact me on 01494 787 478 for a free quote on your transfer.

I have never had an issue beating the rates of exchange offered elsewhere, and these current levels can be fixed in place to avoid the uncertainty inherent in this current marketplace. [email protected]