GBP/NZD back above 2.10 (Joshua Privett)

The Pound is up this morning against all major currencies following two horrendous days for anyone considering buying foreign currency using Sterling holdings.

Strong retail sales overnight for the UK economy are the culprit, with a turnaround in growth after the previous month where sales had fallen by more than 1%, with slight growth of 0.5% recorded.

Commentators have joked that whilst the Referendum is clearly putting pressure on the Pound, the selling of memorabilia about the Referendum is enough to put up the value of the Pound this morning!

Of course the more plausible explanation is that this is a result of the sunnier weather in the UK translating into greater demand for seasonal clothing.

This is still expected to only be a short period of respite following the gaining momentum for the Leave camp in the EU referendum and the uncertainty this will bring as the Pound edges closer to the Referendum vote.

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