GBP/NZD rates still enjoying monday’s energy (Joshua Privett)

GBP/NZD buying rates, like most of Sterling’s currency pairings, seem to be representing an elastic band at the moment for anyone considering buying foreign currency.

Monday represented some of the largest movements on Sterling selling rates since march 2009. Across the board rises of around 2% have sent many people’s plans up in the air, and provided sudden opportunities for others.

Frankly, I believe the value of the Pound has very quickly and suddenly been grossly exaggerated. Whilst the Remain camp have been given a boost this is certainly not being reflected in the polls as much as the media are reporting.

The British and global media have exaggerated every turn in this polling story. Any time momentum shifts, even slightly, the reaction is geared towards selling the story. The gravity of the decision allows such a gross overreaction, but in reality, even with the remain camp having gained momentum, the Polls are still refelecting a very close vote, particularly when voter turnout rates are considered.

So we are not out of the woods, there are still two full trading days before the exit polls begin to show which way the British economy will be leaning in the coming months for a Brexit or to stay within the EU.

The value of the Pound still has more to be put through, and with the gains made recently, it is New Zealand Dollar buyers at the moment who have the most to lose.

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