Sterling Showing Signs of Recovery (Matthew Vassallo)

GBP EUR Exchange Rate: Weekly Review July 16  

GBP/CAD rates have improved over the past 24 hours, bringing some much needed respite to those clients holding Sterling. The Pound has been under a huge amount of pressure since last Thursday’s EU referendum, when 52% of the country voted for the UK to leave. This sent shock waves through the market and the Pound has suffered against every major currency as a result.

Whilst this was not surprising considering the markets stance was very much pro remain, the decline has left many wondering why the decision turned out as it did and what this meant for the future of the UK economy. Certainly the uncertainty it has created, both economically and subsequently politically,  is the main driver behind Sterling’s decline. The markets and investors alike currently have no indication of future policies, or even how the fundamentals of our Brexit will work. Once this uncertainty is removed we may well see further recovery but for the time being I expect the CAD to find support under 1.80 on the exchange.

The Bank of England (BoE) and other key institutions have reaffirmed their commitment to bringing stability back to the UK economy and it seems as through the markets have reacted somewhat positively to this, with Sterling recovering over a cent during Wednesdays trading. Whether this improvement is sustainable is up for debate but it does seem as though Sterling is finding some level of support.

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