Swiss Franc starts to gain as global fears creep into the market (Daniel Wright)

The Swiss Franc has made gains against most majors this week as concerns over the referendum in the U.K and a lack of a U.S interest rate hike so far this year.

The Swiss Franc is a well known safe haven currency so in times of global uncertainty it does tend to reap the benefits as investors and speculators look for a strong and fairly stable currency to store their funds in until the dust settles.

I think the key matter for the markets will be the EU referendum in the U.K and the result we see from it. A leave vote may result in a drop in the value of Sterling and a vote to remain may give the Pound a boost. On top of this, a leave vote may well start the ball rolling for other economies to seek to leave the EU which could be even more damaging for global confidence and may see further Swiss Franc strength.

My personal opinion is that although the vote will more than likely be close, I still feel that the remain campaign will edge a victory and the Pound will start to gain value again as we go into July, so those of you in Switzerland that are looking to send their savings back to the U.K may wish to look at considering doing something in advance of this. Of course I may be wrong so if you do wish to take a risk then a better price may become available if the U.K leaves but the bookmakers have the odds at 1/4 for the U.K to stay as it stands.

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