GBP/CHF moves upward once again as improved risk appetites weigh on the Swiss Franc (Joseph Wright)

As risk appetite returns to currency markets and global equity indexes, the GBP/CHF will continue to act as a good benchmark for sentiment within global markets.

Many of our readers will be aware of the role of the Swiss Franc and how risk adverse investors tend to pile into CHF, as well has the Japanese Yen in times of market uncertainty.

That being said CHF inevitably jumped in value in the aftermath of the ‘Brexit’ vote, a move which shocked markets worldwide and therefore hadn’t been factored into GBP exchange rates prior to the announcement. On the day of the announcement the Swiss Franc gained 10 cents vs the Pound, immediately making it a highly favourable time to covert CHF into GBP considering CHF/GBP hadn’t been this strong since January 2015.

When we look at the bigger picture, rarely in recent times has the Swiss Franc traded at such a favourable level for investors looking to sell their Swiss Francs and purchase Pounds, but with the Pound slowly creeping up it may be time to consider making that purchase sooner as opposed to later as the current trend for GBP/CHF reflects an upwards movement.

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