GBPEUR continues to fall (Dayle Littlejohn)

Pound to Euro Forecast - Leadership Contest Drives GBP/EUR Rate Lower

For euros buyers many are asking when will the pound level out against the euro or actually start to reach levels we came accustom to at the beginning of the year. Unfortunately I don’t foresee rates reaching the highs we saw at the beginning of the year or even the 1.20s anytime soon.

The Bank of England have decided to cut interest rates and inject quantitative easing into the economy and post EU referendum economic data for the UK is showing a decline and I expect this trend to continue.

Spain and Portugal this week have been given additional time to reduce their deficits. The EU council have said exceptional circumstances led to the decision however I believe its key the EU stays united at troubling times and thats why the EU council have been lenient.  Its clear they do not want any other countries following in the footsteps of the UK.

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