Is there any chance of a Sterling rally in the near future? – Pound Forecast (Daniel Charles Johnson)

Will the Pound manage to break 1.30 against the US Dollar this week?

GBP Forecast

Many of my clients are hanging on to sell there Sterling at present. Having watched GBP/EUR fall from 1.40 at the beginning of the year to the now painful lows of the 1.15-1.16s. It is extremely hard to predict with high street banks throwing out contradictory forecasts. Lloyds predicting a Sterling rally and HSBC predicting parity on GBP/EUR. Personally I feel as UK data starts to filter through for July we will see further Sterling weakness. UK retail figures went against the grain and came in better than expected. we did see a small rally for GBP but it was not sustained.  I feel the positive data cab attributed to an increase in tourism due to the weak pound and the rarity that is good British weather.

It is important to note that Ian McCafferty a member of the monetary policy committee has indicated that if UK data continues to come in below expectations than further monetary easing will be initiated. If I was looking to sell Sterling short-medium term I would be taking advantage of current levels.

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