GBPNZD rates rise!

It is a big surprise to see GBPNZD rate rising higher when the UK is still reeling form the Brexit shock and many commentators are forecasting further woes for the UK and the pound. However against the grain we have seen some big improvements in the economic data for UK Manufacturing businesses which has given the GBPNZD rate a lift with rates well over 1.82 presenting some excellent fresh opportunities to buy the Kiwi. If you need to buy or sell the Kiwi in the coming months making some plans in advance and understanding all of your options in advance is key to getting the best deals on the currency.

Most analysts are concerned the UK has yet to properly explain how they will deal with the Brexit and this will only become a problem longer term. Therefore if you have a transfer to make in the coming months understanding all of your options in advance is crucial to making plans and not missing out if the market goes in a different direction than you had hoped. For more information please email me Jonathan on

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