When will there be an opportunity for NZD buyers? (Daniel Johnson)

The pound has had a terrible time of late. The post -brexit drop was bad enough but there has been further catalysts to sterling’s fall, namely the recent fat finger flash crash and the fact it now looks like a soft brexit is off the cards.

Francois Hollande and Jean Paul Junker have stated there will be no trade negotiations without article 50 being triggered. I feel this may not be vindictiveness but  a deterrent to any other EU members considering leaving. These comments have almost forced the UK into a hard brexit which has seen the pound plummet against the New Zealand Dollar.

I feel that in order for the pound to rally article 50 must be invoked and decisive trade negotiations need to take place. When article 50 is initially triggered we will see a fall in pound strength, but then sterling will have the opportunity for a slow and steady recovery as uk economic uncertainty diminishes.

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