Sterling on the Rise, The Trump Card has been pulled! (Daniel Johnson)

GBP EUR Exchange Rate: The Week Ahead September 19th

The Trump Factor

Now that the under dog Donald Trump has gained power he has been a catalyst for Sterling strength. He has been forthcoming about getting a trade deal put together with the UK which has seen the pound rise in value. Theresa May played the smart move not lambasting Mr Trump as other key political figures did. She knew if he got into power they would have to work together and her silence has paid off.

The movement on the market shows just how important trade negotiations are for the UK. The market does not react well to uncertainty, you take that uncertainty away and the currency in question will strengthen. Lets hope trade negotiations are quick and decisive, although I wouldn’t hold my breath.

GBP/EUR currently sits over 1.15. This is an excellent opportunity for Euro buyers as the uncertainty surrounding Brexit does not bode well for the pound’s value. It may be wise to take advantage of current levels.

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Daniel Johnson

Executive Broker – Foreign Currency Direct PLC