Brexit dictates GBP/CHF Levels (Daniel Johnson)

Brexit Bill Update

The exit bill now is in the hands of the House of Lords after being passed through by the House of Commons. I would not expect any significant amendments as any  changes would mean the bill being passed back to the House of Commons for approval and we could see some political ping-pong.

If there are any changes this could delay the triggering of Article 50 and add more uncertainty to the exit progress, this would no doubt be detrimental to the Pound. The bill was purposefully made brief to leave little room for changes. A ploy by Theresa May to get her own way, her wish is to have a swift Brexit.

Before Article 50 is triggered I would expect further volatility, if you have to purchase Swiss franc short to medium term it is crucial to be in touch with an experienced broker. If you let me know the size of your trade and time scale I will endeavour to provide a indivdual trading strategy to suit your needs. It will be extremely difficult  to judge GBP/CHF direction during the build up to the invocation of Article 50, I will monitor the markets for you helping you move at the optimum time.

If you already have a currency provider I will provide a comparison and I am confident I can provide a significant saving.

Swiss Industrial Production Data

Industrial production is due in tomorrow morning and this could cause movement on GBP/CHF. It displays the volume of production of industries, predominantly manufacturing. Keep an eye on the data release if you have a Swiss Fran requirement.

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