Pound to New Zealand Dollar exchange rates stubbornly stable (Joshua Privett)

Pound to New Zealand Dollar exchange rates have been stubbornly holding around the 1.74 level despite so much currently going on in the UK economy and political scene.

Given that the Pound is up against the Euro and relatively stable against most of the other majors suggests that the Pound is not the one enjoying strength at the moment.

The best analogy I have heard so far is that all speculators and investors in the currency markets are largely on the starting blocks waiting to to hear further news regarding Article 50, and what the House of Lords have in store for us.

They are currently debating what features to add to the Brexit Bill, whether they will pass is another story.

The Pound has tracked fairly well when measures to introduce greater oversight on the government in its negotiation processes have been introduced.

For investors and currency markets as a whole, the ability to know how well the negotiations are going, particularly in a minimum 2 year period, is key to whether they would have any demand whatsoever for the Pound.

Demand is the key driving point in the markets for anyone holding Sterling and wandering what buying power they may enjoy.

As such since we will not know with much forewarning what the results are, it is imperative to remain informed in the marketplace to ensure you do not miss out on some desirable exchange rates.

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