Will GBPEUR rise or fall in March?

I expect the pound to Euro rate will both rise and fall in March as we face some interesting developments in the latest political and economic situations in the UK and also Europe. The triggering of Article 50 and the French and Dutch elections will all have a significant bearing on the market where we could see the rates rising and falling according to the prevailing sentiments in the market. If you have a question or query over the markets then making sense of the next few weeks is sensible in my opinion as we seek to establish some base for the future.

The pound could well come under pressure once Article 50 has been triggered which would see the rates falling to potentially 1.2-1.13 at the extreme. The converse argument is that actually, the market is more than likely to rise once Article 50 is triggered since this will give us some certainty over the Brexit and will give us some clarity over just what is around the corner for the UK. If you have a transfer involving the pound or Euro being prepared for this big event is vital to understanding the market and being able to take advantage of any improvements.

The Euro is likely to come under real pressure from the uncertainty relating to the French and Dutch elections which take place on the 15th March (Dutch) and French elections on the 23rd April and 7th May. Most commentators expect the Euro to experience further weakness from these events even if ultimately the likelihood is that neither of the danger candidates actually win.

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