Will the Pound to Euro exchange rate struggle to break through 1.18? (Joseph Wright)

It’s been an interesting 24 hours for the GBP/EUR exchange rate after some key economic data releases out of both the UK and the Eurozone.

The Pound to Euro exchange rate did break through 1.18 yesterday morning as investors hoped for a high inflation reading out of the UK for the month of January, but as the figure released came out below analysts expectations the Pound was sold off and almost fell below 1.17 at the inter-bank level.

The reason for the fall is there is less likely to be an interest rate hike from the Bank of England whilst inflation readings aren’t surpassing market expectations.

Now that foreign exchange markets appear to have accepted that the UK will go ahead with a ‘Hard Brexit’ and that it’s likely to begin next month, economic data is beginning to have more of an impact on Sterling’s value whereas prior to the UK PM, Theresa May outlining the governments plans it was mostly sentiment that drove the Pounds value.

Interestingly the Pound has since recovered from yesterday’s fall and the GBP/EUR pair is currently trading around the 1.18 mark once again. It will be interesting to see whether this level will act as a resistance, and I think any readers with an upcoming currency requirement involving the converting of Pounds into Euros may wish to consider the current levels as we could see a fall in the Pounds value as the Brexit begins.

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