Article 50 triggered so what next for Pound to Euro rates? (Tom Holian)

With Article 50 now having been triggered we have not seen some of the volatility on Pound Euro exchange rates that many were expecting.

The event itself left markets with little to move on and so the foreign exchange markets as well as global stock markets remained relatively flat.

The UK has now formally triggered Article 50 of the Lisbon treaty and as we have officially started the Brexit process we have now passed the point of no return.

Prime Minister Theresa May went on to try and reassure markets that the UK will be looking for the best possible deal for the UK and she is hoping to make ‘close ties’ with Europe.

I think the speech gave some reassurance to Sterling but as the trigger was expected to happen Pound to Euro rates did not see much movement.

Therefore, the focus will once again turn back to economic data.

Eurozone Consumer Confidence data is due out shortly and this is likely to impact Sterling Euro rates.

Tomorrow we could see a big day for the short term trend for Pound Euro exchange rates with a number of different data releases due to come.

On Friday UK GDP data is due out at 930am followed by Eurozone Consumer Price Index at 10am so expect to see big swings on GBPEUR exchange rates during Friday morning as both data releases are expected to be positive for both sides

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