Brexit still key factor in GBP/CAD buoyancy levels (Daniel Johnson)

Will Pound to Euro Rates Gain in September?

Brexit Update

Theresa May has warned the House of Lords that if Parliament have the opportunity to have the final say on Brexit it could be detrimental to the deal struck.

If parliament are given the right to vote it would give EU negotiators further strength. Many peers at The House of Lords are expected to move against May’s wishes and demand that parliament will get to vote on the final bill.

May’s spokesman has stated “If we are in a position where any deal negotiated by the Prime Minister could be rejected by MPs, that gives strength potentially to other parties in the negotiation.”

If there are any delays in the triggering of article 50, the pound will suffer against the Canadian Dollar. I do however feel the pound is currently chronically undervalued against the loonie and once trade deals become more apparent post Brexit we will see the pound rise in value.

Canada’s heavy reliance on oil could prove risky, considering that OPEC’ deal is now in danger of falling apart. It’s members are refusing to play by the rules and are not sticking to the restrictions they have agreed to on oil production.

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Daniel Johnson