Economic data that may impact Pound Sterling exchange rates this week (Daniel Wright)

Pound to Dollar Rate Boosted by UK Retail Sales

Overnight tonight (Monday) AUD

Tonight we have data out from Australia and China that will more than likely have an impact on GBP/AUD rates of exchange. I found out today that Australia is merely one quarter of economic growth away from setting a new record of 104 consecutive quarters of growth without recession.

It is no great surprise looking at this stat that the Australian  Dollar has been gaining strength consistently.

Tonight we see the release of the RBA (Reserve Bank of Australia) interest rate decision followed by their rate statement. No changes to interest rates are expected just yet in Australia however any indications in the rate statement that we may see changes in the future may have an impact on the strength of the Australian Dollar. We also have a similar release from China and with China being so key for the Australian economy this is also one to look out for if you have AUD to buy or sell.

Overnight Tuesday AUD

Tuesday is a fairly quiet day for economic data however once again overnight we have Chinese import and export data so those with a keen interest in Australian  Dollars may wish to protect themselves in advance of this. One of the services we offer here is a limit order. You can put an order in with us that remains in the market 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and if there is a spike in the market overnight and that rate becomes achievable then our systems will purchase your currency on your behalf. Contact me (Daniel Wright) on [email protected] for more information on this handy market tool.

Wednesday GBP

Wednesday we have the budget here in the U.K. from experience it is rare that we see any huge surprises from the budget that rock the value of the Pound, however in the current climate and with everything that is going on at the moment I would personally still have a keen eye on this release if I had a large currency exchange coming up as it does have the potential to be a volatile day.

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Thursday EUR

Thursday is Europe’s turn as we have the ECB (European Central Bank) interest rate decision and press conference, which can lead to large swings in Euro exchange rates. Again no changes to interest rates are expected from the ECB however we have seen some fairly wild swings for the Euro during the press conference at 13:30pm which lasts for roughly an hour. Any indication to future economic policy can immediately move Euro exchange rates and we have seen swings of up to 5 cents during this release in the last year as investors and speculators alike hang off of every word that is spoken.

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Friday morning we have manufacturing and industrial production figures out for the U.K. We would hope that this data is a little more positive than the fairly poor data we have seen lately, however expectations are not looking too great as it stands. The Pound had stood up against the referendum result and the crash that many had predicted and a lot of this had been down to economic data still remaining strong, but the last 6 weeks we have started to see the U.K economic performance slide a tad.

Be wary of this if you have a large foreign currency purchase to make in the near future as a drop in economic performance coupled with uncertainty over brexit may lead to a torrid month for Sterling exchange rates.

Finally, at 13:30pm we have a release that may impact all major currencies – U.S Non-Farm payroll data.  This data measures the number of people in Non-Agricultural employment in the States. Generally this data can come out way different to what has been predicted and can not only lead to the Dollar moving fairly sharply but also many major currencies as is can have an impact on global attitude to risk.

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