Pound to Euro rate drops in wake in Dutch election results, where to next for GBP/EUR? (Joseph Wright)

GBP EUR Looks to Employment Figures for Support

The Pound has continued to lose value against the Euro throughout the month, and despite making a few fight-backs the currency is now lodged below the 1.15 mark at the mid-market level.

Late last night it was announced that Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte won the most seats in the parliamentary election, and defeated far-right hopeful Gert Wilders who was predicted to put in a strong performance. Had Wilders of won more seats or put in a stronger performance I would have expected to see the Euro lose value on fears of his plans to remove the Netherlands from the EU, but the win for the current Prime Minister has eased these fears which has strengthened the Euro further.

The Euro had been boosted recently after the European Central Bank recently confirmed that they will be tapering the current quantitative easing programme due to signs of the economy improving.

Moving forward I think we could see the Euro gain even further as the Brexit begins, particularly if it becomes public that trade negotiations are going badly.

Later today there will be an interest rate decision from the Bank of England, and although no changes are expected it will be interesting to see what governor Mark Carney has to say regarding the UK economy.

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