How will Article 50 impact Swiss Franc against Sterling? (Tom Holian)

With just a few days to go before Article 50 is triggered the currency markets are waiting with baited breath for what may happen to the value of the Pound against all major currencies including against the Swiss Franc.

Yesterday we saw a brief respite for the Pound vs the Swiss Franc with the release of much better than expected Retail Sales.

The figures for month on month showed a difference from 0.4% to 1.4% and this saw an impressive rise in Sterling.

However, already this morning the gains seen yesterday have already disappeared as the focus will return to the political landscape in the UK.

With Article 50 set to take place on Wednesday the time of the announcement has not yet been confirmed but you can be assured that the markets will react very quickly once Prime Minister Theresa May confirms that the UK will be formally leaving the European Union.

With the ongoing uncertainty as to what may happen when the French elections take place on 23rd April as the Swiss Franc is considered a safe haven currency this is one of the key factors in the recent strength of the Swiss Franc vs the Pound.

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Tom Holian